Price List

Brake services
Disc brake bleed—£20 per brake or £30 for pair. (including fluid)
Brake adjustment check for wear and re-align (front and rear) £20
Disc brake mount facing—£20 per mount £35 for both.
Brake ad replacement —£6 (per brake)
Cable replacement - inner and outer and adjust brake £8 (per cable replaced)

Gear tune- adjust indexing and derailleur alignment front and rear £20
Rear derailleur re- alignment - £25
Cable replacement - replace inner and outer cable index - £10 (per cable replaced)

Drive Train services
Chain replacement - replace chain and check index - £10
Cassette replacement – Replace cassette and check index -£10
Chain ring replacement replace any or all chain rings—£15
Bottom bracket replacement £20 Replace bottom bracket

Wheel services
Wheel true lateral and vertical true of wheel £25
Wheel build - Call for a Quote 07757012315
Tyre or inner tube replacement - £10 (plus repair of old tube if possible)
Slime puncture prevention £10 per tube £15 for 2
Spoke replacement from £30 (includes wheel truing)

Frame and fork.
Headset removal and replace £35
Headset facing (recommended for installing new headsets) £35
Headset removal replace and facing £65
Fork replacement/ fit £20
Bottom bracket removal and replace £35
Bottom bracket chasing (cleaning the threads) £35
Bottom bracket facing (for external bottom Brackets) £35
Bottom Brackets Chasing and facing £65
Bottom bracket removal, replace chasing and facing £80

Mud guard / rack fitting £15